The world is my oystercatcher

After a few months only two fans have visited my blog. So maybe I target the wrong audience: the Dutch. Will I stand a better chance in a bigger arena: the Humans? Ah whatever, I will give it a try. As a “water spirit”, the translation of the site’s name “watergeest”, I feel related to birds that thrive at the water’s edge, like the Oystercatcher. In the Northern parts of Holland this bird is known as “Bonte Piet”.
Click on the image to see two of my own pictures of oystercatchers, taken on the islands in the north of the Netherlands, the so-called Wadden Islands. “Wadden” is a Dutch word, meaning “mud flats”. The shallow tidal sea between the northern islands and the main land is called Wadden Sea. It is a Unesco nature reserve. In future posts I will show pictures of this beautiful region. If you find this interesting, please subscribe to my newsletter.

Kort samengevat: ik ga mijn zwijnen niet belasten met neerlands paarlen, oftewel geen vaderlander heeft mijn blog nog bezocht, dus huppekee, overboord ermee. Ik ga vanaf nu verder in het Engels, met een korte samenvatting in de volkseigen taal daaronder. Slechts twee foto’s hierbij van Bonte Pieten, want die laten zich lastig fotograferen.

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